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    Quick response to the request
    You will receive a reply on the application within 2 hours.
    Access your personal manager 24 hours a day .
    A detailed sketch of the events per minute modern estimates .
    Combining the useful with the pleasant
    You get points for activities and spend them on prizes and gifts from our company
    No overpayments
    The company operates on a platform without price markups and interest

    Customer Testimonials

    • We took advantage of your hotel reservation services for the first time and were satisfied with the work of your manager Natalia Kostyunina. We are thankful for the excellent work and assistance in organizing the Youth Symposium of the Tenth International Olympiad on the History of Aviation and Aeronautics. A.F. Mozhaysky. Club of aircraft builders, Moscow, 04.24.2013
      Alexandrova Svetlana Valentinovna
    • The booking manager "Pogostite" booked me a hotel late at night, at a time when there were no rooms. Literally saved me from spending the night at the station ( Thank you, you really help. Elena
      Elena Khmelnitskaya, steel
    • Dear Svetlana! On behalf of the company "FINOTDEL" and on my own behalf, let me express to you and your Company a huge gratitude for the professional and high-quality work on the selection of the site for the celebration of the anniversary of the company "FINOTDEL"! Your work is a standard of professionalism and responsibility! We will be glad to continue to cooperate with you! Regards, Yours faithfully, Dyakov Andrey Andreevich Specialist in corporate culture OJSC "FINOTDEL"
      From Andrey
    • The Premier Group expresses its gratitude for the help in organizing the round table on 16.04.14 in the National Hotel of the Pskov Hall to the staff of the booking service "Pogostite" and personally Natalia Shumskaya. Please note and encourage her competence, courtesy, highest responsibility and diligence.
      From Hope
    • Company Systema SpA (Italy) expresses gratitude for the organization of the conference at the Aerostar Hotel. All the staff of your service was always very polite and ready to answer any questions. I would like to mention the work of Natalia Shumskaya: Huge thanks for your professionalism, courtesy and speed of work! Everything was done taking into account the smallest details! Be sure to see you again.
      Daria Byzina
    • In February 15, we had a business trip to Moscow for 1.5 months, managers stay to book a hotel for us Cosmos: with dinners, fitness hall, breakfast. And it was all included in the tariff 4000 rubles. Were very pleased, thank you for having so successfully organized the settlement, so that you can ask all inclusive for the usual tariff
      Inna Mihailovna Krasnoyarsk
    • Dear Svetlana! Thank you for choosing our site for the Yoga Conference. Sincerely I hope that the work of our team to ensure and support your event was useful and effective. I will be glad to any suggestions and comments that could strengthen our further cooperation! With great respect to you and your team, President of the Congress and Exhibition Center "Sokolniki" Shaburov A.Yu.
      Congress and Exhibition Center & Sokolniki & raquo;
    • 12/21/2015 7:20 PM Thanks to the operator Maria, who just picked up the perfect version for me within 5 minutes. Without it, I would not have solved the problem so qualitatively.
      Burlachenko Igor

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    Site Visit — service is free hotels, hotels in Moscow, Russia, CIS,

    the Site Visit is an online service, hotel booking service in Moscow, in Russia and in the CIS. The resource is popular among travelers and citizens, who often have to travel around the country.

    If you have a computer and Internet online booking system of hotels will allow you to reserve a room of your home or office. Advanced reservation solves the issues with the stay and saves money. The online booking of hotels in Moscow online will allow for a few minutes to find a free room that meets the needs and planned expenditures.

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    How to use the online booking service?

    As a free book through the service you'll Take a room in Moscow or in other Russian cities and the CIS? To do this, use an online panel and submit the application. If you prefer to contact us by phone, please call the Call center at this number. To make a reservation with Stay you can at any time of the day. You can choose a place according to different criteria: the class of hotel, type, price, etc. Before completing the form, decide the priorities and make the request. For a more complete understanding of the intended place of residence, it is useful to read reviews.

    online booking System of hotels is arranged so that when reserving a room, you have to be very attentive. A small mistake can become a real problem. Introduced and referred to in the documents, the data must be identical. The hotel booking sites online search protect customers ' personal data, ensuring their safety.

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    If you want to rent a room for a month through the online service, then the service Visit will give you free additional features. The base of our service are constantly updated, but in the exhibition seasons information about reservations and prices change hourly on the website, therefore, making the order, consult prices.

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